Welcome to our amazing, wonderful, absolutely chaotic world :)

I am Gina - formerly an engineer by trade with a passion for baking - and with my artistic all-around hero husband, we created Pink Turtle Cookies with one thing in mind:

Let's help other families who want super-cute cookies but have to deal with dietary restrictions. Whether you choose to eliminate certain things from your diet, or your body chose that for you, we want gorgeous, decorated cookies to be part of your life.

We jumped into parenthood with the blessing of twins (read: holy crap, we were in WAY OVER OUR HEADS!) Our sweet boy turned out to be intolerant of all grains - the master of vomit. Our sweet girl turned out to have a negative neurological response to gluten. Both inherited our lactose intolerance.  Ding, ding, ding - boy did we have a winner of a situation. Seriously, y'all, I raised babies WITHOUT CHEERIOS. I mean, I get an award and a trophy, right???!!!??!!!  #winning 

But we learned the grain free living was SUPER healthy AND tasty, and that these delicious cookies were actually good-for-you protein snacks. Without icing, the twins eat these cookies on the way to school to fill them up for the day and I eat them whenever I need a power boost. With icing, they are a not-so-guilty treat that we ALL love - and the twins think mom is SUPER-COOL for saying "YES" to the cookie request more frequently than not! 

So that's WHY Pink Turtle Cookies has come to be and why we hope to fill your world with this little bit of magical happiness. Oh, yeah, you may wonder, "What's the deal with the name of the company"? Well, so glad you asked :)  See that adorable little girl filled with joy and sunshine and all things glittery?? She loves turtles. She loves pink. She picked the name. And everything seems just perfect to us!

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