Simply "Naked" Cookies by the Dozen

Want to eat these lightly sweet cookies minus the icing? Sure thing! They are a delightful little burst of protein and yumminess when you need one, and a spectacular treat to toss to back of the minivan on the way to school to make sure tummies are full and happy (Note: we do NOT guarantee the kids will stop fighting with each other, but they will appreciate you more!)

Price: $15 for a dozen individually wrapped 3-4" cookies

Iced Cookies by the Dozen

So, you don't have a thematic occasion coming up as an excuse to buy some cookies? Just get yourself a box of pretty iced cookies to eat and enjoy. Freeze these bad boys and pull one out when a moment of sanity is needed. So stock up on these for all those days when a healthy treat is the best way to keep the sun shining! These will be 3" circle cookies that are white with our sweet pink turtle design on them :)

Price: $25 for a dozen individually wrapped 3"cookies

Custom Cookies by the Dozen

What's the occasion?? Whatever it is, let's have some cookies to celebrate! Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, save-the-date, girls night out, store openings, holidays, ....... you get the idea, right? Let's celebrate with cookies to match your theme and personality. Contact us via the order form page to get the ball rolling on your own individualized design!  Prices start at $42 per dozen (that's $3.50 a cookie) but are design dependent. Prices may increase based on the number of colors involved, the size of the cookies, airbrushing techniques, extensive hand lettering, etc. We need 2 weeks notice so get on the calendar now!

Price: $42+ per dozen individually wrapped cookies, 2 dozen minimum

All-Natural Icing Colors

I get it - artificial dyes aren't always the right answer. Say no more - We offer all-natural dye coloring for the icing! The add-on price is simply the cost of the color packets, nothing additional. Natural colors are limited, but that won't stop us from creating an awesome set of cookies that look gorgeous!

Price: Approximately $3 per order (white is dye-free, of course!)


If you don't live in the gorgeous metropolitan area of Charlotte, NC then we can most certainly send these treats right to your doorstep via USPS Priority Mail if you live in the lovely lower 48.

Price: Shipping calculated per order

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